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Would you like Australian Professional SEO services for under $100 per month?

Affordable, fully featured SEO services for small business and start-ups

As a small business website owner you will love how simple yet powerful this online SEO services platform is. Instead of hiring an expensive SEO consultant we have put together, in one place, all the tools and guidance you will need. Allowing you to do what that talented but expensive SEO specialist would do – yourself.
You simply log in whenever you please and everything is right there for you, presented in easy to understand graphs and easy to follow steps.

  • Imagine you had a way to easily measure your websites performance and traffic.
  • Imagine that you had a well written and easily understood plan of action laid out in simple steps ready for you to execute in your own time. Each step calculated to raise the authority of your website and improve its rankings and traffic.
  • And finally imagine that you can do this all by yourself … but should you ever need help or clarification an Australian based SEO specialist is on hand to help you out.  ( It’s like having your own SEO Specialist on call. )

And finally imagine that this was available to you at a price that wont break the bank – under AU$100 per month!

That would definitely help your business to grow.

That is what this Small Business SEO Service provides – all backed by the expertise of Rankwell Digital Marketing in Melbourne – who have been experts in SEO specialists for over 10 years.

What you get – SEO Services

Keyword/Rank Tracking for 10 keywords

100% accurate keyword position tracking – we will customised the results for your region / location so that you see what your customers see.
Track real-time positions of your website’s keywords in major search engines on a country / region / city level – updated weekly

Competitor Research

Know what your Competition Are Doing

Monitor your competition. You can add up to 5 competitors and if you don’t know who your competitors are we can ven help you find them. Discover their keywords and ads for paid and organic search. You can also use this to spot weaknesses in their SEO strategy (which you can jump on) or to get new ideas for your own strategy.

Easy To Understand Analytics

Allows You To See The Exactly How Much Traffic Your Site Is Getting

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google which allows you to monitor and track traffic and conversions on your website. If you dont have this installed on your website you are missing out on very very valuable data.  As part of the set up SEO marketing program you will get Analytics (and Search Console) fully set up for your website, complete with conversion tracking

However that isnt enough – it can be a bit complicated to dissect and understand the data provided. So instead we distill it into a series of easily understood graphs and tables. So that you know exactly what is going on with your website!

Search Console Integration

Allows You To See What Search Terms are Driving Traffic

Like Google Analytics, Search Console is a free tool provided by Google. It is the traffic tool used by SEO’s to see what search phrases are driving traffic to your website and what pages are getting clicks (visitors). Allowing you to see exactly what people are looking for and to add to your website relevant data to further strengthen that search and move to the top. 

Again if you don’t have this set up for your website , don’t worry. The SEO marketing plan will show you how and we are here if you get stuck.

All your key Search Console data is displayed in easy to understand graphs and diagrams

Backlink Tracking

The tool allows tracking of backlinks and their basic parameters. This allows management of your SEO ..

  • See who is linking back to you. Discover, monitor and control all your backlinks.
  • Measure how effective your backlink building campaign is
  • Easily disavow any bad or spam links that appear.

You can use the “Backlinks analysis” tool to analyse the backlinks of any domain (including competitor’s).
You can manually add links, or easily import from Google Search Console or any CSV file.

Weekly Website Audit

Without this analysis, successful website promotion is just guesswork and hoping for the best. 

This evaluates your site against all key parameters, and prepares a comprehensive report with actionable SEO points built right in.
You can use this to monitor your progress and quickly see which SEO factors are holding your website back – things which may impede your website from reaching the TOP.

The recommendations made in your report are made by experienced SEO experts, follow them and watch your website positions grow.

Your Own SEO Marketing Plan

Your Step By Step Guide To A Better Ranking Website

The core value of this SEO service is it comes with a full SEO marketing plan.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to SEO optimization or you have some experience this step-by-step SEO guide takes you through key SEO points – and allows you to avoid common mistakes that can cause difficulties in website promotion

This comprehensive strategy includes checklist, website analysis, custom goals.
The main SEO steps of a typical SEO plan are listed below and within your dashboard each step is further broken down into easy to do actions. It’s like having your own SEO specialist sitting next to you telling you what to do… 

    A list of initial steps to accomplish at the beginning of the project – from purchasing a domain name to the tracking system installation  
    Search queries analyzes, competitor evaluation and semantic core – all at your fingertips to develop the best SEO strategy
    Optimization of key on-page ranking factors: Meta Titles, Description and Keywords, Alt tags, Heading tags, keyword density optimization, mobile-friendliness and more
    Examine and analyze the social media side of your project. Develop your SMM strategy. Monitor and amplify the power of social signals linking to your resource  
    Going through the list of inspirational ideas will help you create better link-building strategy while increasing your site’s visibility and much more

On-Going SEO Support

Included in your SEO subscription is unlimited email support. If you are stuck on a step or not sure how (or if) it applies to your site.. just ask us. We are here to help. It’s like having your own SEO Consultant on staff, ready to trouble shoot or help … without having to hire one full time. 

Easily Delegation Of SEO At Any Time

Should you find that all the increased business is making you too busy to manage your SEO then it’s easy to outsource it to us. We simply will take over and do the rest – or even all – of the steps for you for a very low monthly fee. No contracts and no lock in terms. 

Special Booster Options

Once you have the general SEO under control you may wish to boost certain keywords onto page one or move them further up page one – but you dont need the full SEO management mentioned above.

We can boost 1 – 5 of your chosen (most valuable) keywords on a pay per performance basis.  What this means is you only pay us when we improve the ranking of the designated keyword(s). The cost will depend on the keyword, level of competition and current ranking – simple ask us for a quote. 


  1. 100% accurate rankings – know where your website site at any time and see at a glance if the traffic to it is going up or down.
  2. A comprehensive plan to follow developed as a best practice process so no step is missing and everything done properly
  3. Website Audits. Check as many pages as you need while receiving actionable recommendations on the go. Also check your SEO progress with the regular crawl comparison
  4. We are here should you ever need us. Simply contact us an we will help get you through any rough spots – we are an Australian company based in Melbourne so we are in the same time zone as you (maybe !)
  5. Less than $100 per month!!
  6. No risk 7 day trial

Start now!!

Start your 7 day free trial now

  • Cost is AUD$99+GST per month  = $108.90/month
  • No charge if you cancel any time in the 7 day trial period.
  • Limit of one trial per customer please
  • Payment is via Paypal Subscription – you can choose to use a credit/debit card or paypal account 
  • Payment is processed under the name of Rankwell Digital Marketing
  • Access to the SEO dashboard and all features will be granted within 1 business day – probably sooner
  • Upon subscription you will be taken to an onboarding form (this will also be emailed to you), please respond to this as quickly as possible so that all the features can be set up smoothly within the trial period.
  • Click on the button below that says Start Your Free Trial, to begin

Full terms and conditions are here; please contact us if you have any questions. 

PS: Don’t like Paypal? Or do you want to pay by AMEX (not supported by Paypal in Australia) 
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