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Low Cost SEO services for small business and start-ups

As a small business owners / start up you know you need to promote your website and get it ranking well in Google and on Social Media.

However SEO is a demanding skill and quality SEO specialists are not cheap – they are, after all, highly trained professionals.  So you have the catch22 situation where you need to promote to grow but the funds are not there (yet) to pay the SEO service provider that you need.

It’s a situation that most of us have been in. And we have a solution for you

Combining our network of resources and our own 10+ years of experience we have manged to put together a very effective and comprehensive SEO plan which is ideal for small business, local business and start-ups who may have a limited budget. This plan will make your website more Google friendly and build its authority ins Google as well as its social network signals  – which means better rankings and more traffic for you

This plan may not be suitable for all websites such as larger sites, those in a highly competitive niche etc – for those sites we have larger more comprehensive plans available. 

To see what plan is best for you simply start with the free SEO analysis featured on the home page of this website and we will tell you exactly what is required.

Full Transparency:

We believe that you should be able to see – at a glance – how well your website is performing when it is being optimized by us.  So all of our SEO plans feature a detailed stats dashboard which shows your website rankings, traffic, social signals and a whole lot more.

You simply log in whenever you please and everything is right there for you, presented in easy to understand graphs. This means you can monitor your progress and what has been done, and see how it is impacting on your rankings and your traffic. 

The Small Business plan is available for just AU$530 (+ GST) per month! No lock in contracts.
Start Now with a free SEO website analysis

What you get – SEO Services

Keyword/Rank Tracking for 20 keywords

Track your top 20 phrases and terms

100% accurate keyword position tracking – we will customised the results for your region / location so that you see what your customers see.
Track real-time positions of your website’s keywords in major search engines on a country / region / city level – updated weekly

And if you don’t know what your top 20 phrases are ( most people dont) we have that covered too with extensive keyword research DONE FOR YOU as part of the set up process 

Competitor Research

Know what your Competition Are Doing

Monitor your competition. You can add up to 5 competitors and if you don’t know who your competitors are we can ven help you find them. Discover their keywords and ads for paid and organic search. You can also use this to spot weaknesses in their SEO strategy (which you can jump on) or to get new ideas for your own strategy.

Easy To Understand Analytics

Allows You To See The Exactly How Much Traffic Your Site Is Getting

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google which allows you to monitor and track traffic and conversions on your website. If you dont have this installed on your website you are missing out on very very valuable data.  As part of the set up SEO marketing program you will get Analytics (and Search Console) fully set up for your website, complete with conversion tracking

However that isnt enough – it can be a bit complicated to dissect and understand the data provided. So instead we distill it into a series of easily understood graphs and tables. So that you know exactly what is going on with your website!

Search Console Integration

Allows You To See What Search Terms are Driving Traffic

Like Google Analytics, Search Console is a free tool provided by Google. It is the traffic tool used by SEO’s to see what search phrases are driving traffic to your website and what pages are getting clicks (visitors). Allowing you to see exactly what people are looking for and to add to your website relevant data to further strengthen that search and move to the top. 

Again if you don’t have this set up for your website , don’t worry. The SEO marketing plan will show you how and we are here if you get stuck.

All your key Search Console data is displayed in easy to understand graphs and diagrams

Backlink Buulding andTracking

This allows tracking of backlinks and their basic parameters. This also allows management of your SEO .. you can see the backlinks we are building for you as they are indexed and added by Google.

  • See who is linking back to you. Discover, monitor and control all your backlinks.
  • Measure how effective your backlink building campaign is
  • Easily disavow any bad or spam links that appear.

Weekly Website Audit

Without this analysis, successful website promotion is just guesswork and hoping for the best. 

This evaluates your site against all key parameters, and prepares a comprehensive report with actionable SEO points built right in.
You can use this to monitor your progress and quickly see which SEO factors are holding your website back – things which may impede your website from reaching the TOP.


  1. 100% accurate rankings – know where your website site at any time and see at a glance if the traffic to it is going up or down.
  2. A comprehensive Small business SEO plan carried out by SEO experts.
  3. Website Audits. Check your SEO progress each week
  4. Australian Company.  We are here should you ever need us. Simply contact us an we will help get you through any rough spots – we are based in Melbourne so we are in the same time zone as you (maybe !)
  5. Starts at $530+GST per month!!
  6. No lock in Contracts
  7. No risk 14 day trial

Start now with a  free, no obligation, SEO audit.

Free SEO Audit

  • Do you know why your website isn’t ranking as well as it should be for your key phrases?

  • Do you know how your website compares to your main competitors?

  • Does your website have hidden security problems which may be impacting on its usability and traffic?

  • Is your website mobile friendly or is it repelling mobile users?

  • Does Google Ads demand $5, $10, $50 or more for each visitor it sends you? (And the price keeps creeping up…)

  • Would you like to know how to 2x – 5x your traffic for less than half the cost per visitor?

  • Find Out How … Starting with a free Website audit.
    Simply fill in the form below to get started.

Note: your Site Audit will be carried out by our team and emailed directly to you within an hour. Often much sooner.
So please ensure you put in your best email address. The analysis comes with the offer of an obligation free phone / email consultation by Rankwell.

Any advice given is indicative and should be implemented by an experienced SEO specialist or web designer.

Also when you put in your web address and those of your competion below please use the full url – for example https//yourdomain.com

11 + 3 =

What Is Included In Your Website Analysis

1.Full Website Audit

  • On-Page Optimization Checks your website for different issues impacting performance and Search Engine Optimization problems.
  • Mobile Friendly Status of Your Website Checks whether your website is responsive and how quickly it loads
  • Keyword Rankings Track performance of targeted keywords in the major search engines.
  • Off-Page Optimization This section checks the strength of your domain using metrics such as Domain Age & Expiry, number of pages indexed by Google and Bing.
  • Social Monitor your social activity across major platforms and even compares it with the industry average.
  • Competitor Analysis Analysis of how your website compares with 3 of your selected competitors

2. A PERSONALISED suggested Plan of Action highlighting what needs to be done to address any issues the audit may have uncovered.

3. 24 hour access to Rankwell’s revolutionary customer dashboard to show you just how every single aspect of any digital marketing campaign should be measured and controlled.

Website Audit Report

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